Before I had a baby I did NOT think babies were amazing, awe inspiring, or even adorable. Babies do baby things. We’ve all been babies. It’s nothing impressive, it’s actually quite mundane.

Of course now I think my daughter is all of these things and more. How can this be reconciled?

Other than the simple need for survival, a biological imperative for the child to be cute and the parent to fall in love with the child, I like to explain it away with exploratory curiosity. Mine and hers.

It’s really not interesting to see a clip of the development. Say you’re a friend of the family and you see the child every few weeks. The child goes through huge developmental milestones between each visit. And you are rewarded with spit bubbles or hearing about cooing or rolling over. None of which are very impressive on their own.

The real magic is in the effort, the process behind the steps, and the realizations each one brings. The journey is, truly, the destination. In fact the end-point destinations are boring, by the time they’re in sight there is something new on the horizon to explore.

Hands? Check. Been watching them for weeks, think I understand their function and am now able to control them without inflicting facial damage. But what are those other things down there that are usually covered with socks that seem to also have phalanges I can grip things with … ?

Ah yes, the daughter is now staring at her feet. I imagine they will soon be making their way into her mouth, just like everything else.