I’ve always been a bit obsessed with eyes. As a child I would see faces in everything: my parents and I sitting at the table (“you’re the eyes, I’m the nose”), the patterns of plate settings and those on the dishes themselves. In fact, I still do. Just last week I told my mother that her pepper grinder looked like it had eyes.

Eyes are outlets, inlets, and everything in between. I can identify people by their eyes alone. I always look into people’s eyes.  Looking into eyes offers a sense of understanding. So much can be said with eyes.

If you want to interact with our daughter, you have to look her straight in the eyes. They’ll light up, she’ll smile, she’ll flail around and laugh. If you don’t look her in the eyes, she’ll turn and talk to her favorite stuffed frog who just happens to have huge eyes that are always open and concentrated on her.